Specializing in high quality graphic design, SOLA Design Studio is one-person business, owned and operated by Olga Sokolova. SOLA Design Studio is small and mighty.
I provide complete design and development service from concept to publication using industry-standard software, databases and graphics development tools. Today I am at work on custom projects for clients as well as developing and improving Web Sites.

I have been providing web design solutions to Russian and American companies and non-profit organizations for years. In fact, most of my clients still come from New York and Moscow. I am available for freelance contract work in any of the formats represented on this website. If you would like to inquire about commissioned work please visit the Contact page or fill out the Request form.

Many US and Russia based companies have entrusted me to design and develop their unique and custom websites. I thrive on the success of the companies who have sought the services of my studio. Companies including UNAIDS, The MBA League of Russia, Hair's How, Euro Forest, and many others have enjoyed successful online activity, after odering their sites to SD Studio. Take a look at my Portfolio and choose which aspects of website design you are interested in. If you are looking for a professional web designer to enhance your business just request a FREE web design quote!.


Why does your business need a web page?
Every company faces yearly high costs in terms of advertising. With a web page, you'll be available for your customers. The customers can find your information fast and easy at their convenience. This will save both client and company valuable time and money. "Time is Money" and we all want to save both wherever we can.

Client ease

I enjoy working with small businesses and non-profit organizations because I understand the needs of each of these groups, having both worked with and been personally involved in both. Small operations tend not to have the resources to invest in training for web-related issues. Yet they still need websites. My job is to gain an understanding of the needs of the organization and utilize my web skills to create a unique, strong web presence.


I believe that web design should be simple and aesthetically pleasing. It is not necessary to sacrifice beauty for functionality, or vice versa. It is possible to maintain high visual standards, even when there is a lot of information to present.


Not everybody has the ability to have the most up to date computers and software for viewing the web. I believe that everyone should have access to information on the web without buying into the technology giants' pace for progress by having to load plug-ins or upgrade browsers. I work with clients to identify their audience and build sites that will be accessible to that group. Money and geography should not get in the way of access to information.

Just as money should not get in the way of access to information, it should also not prevent a small business or non-profit organization from providing information to the public. It is for this reason that I offer lower rates than most web designers with my skills and experience.

Estimate and Order Your Web Site
As always, I make every effort to work within your company's budget and create a best site for you. However, it is impossible to quote a price without knowing exactly what your needs are. To provide you with an accurate estimate for your website design, it would be helpful to know some specific details. Please visit the page "Estimate and Order on Line".

Sola Design Studio - Online Portfolio
SD Studio creates fast loading, high-quality, eye-catching graphics so each visitor of your site finds what he is looking for, where and when he expects to find it.

Web Site can be created with the most highly advanced technologies, but at the same time not be functional. Usability is a critical aspect of your Web site's design. Web designer must have the experience and knowledge to maximize the potential of your site by attracting the Web user and enhancing their experience on line.

Please visit my OnLine Portfolio and see the examples of web sites I have prodused or which are currently developing. If you wish to have a great site for personal use or for your company, just contact me, and I'll do my best to fill your needs.

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