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Our Process
  • We discuss your web site to understand your goals and get an idea about the type of the web site you’re looking for.
  • We give you an estimate of what that type of site would cost.
  • We develop a draft color scheme, menu and layout for the rest of the site to follow. We call this the “Look and Feel” for the site
  • You review the draft and approve, disapprove and/or recommend changes.
  • We make changes until the design represents your business clearly and attractively.
  • You give a deposit of half the estimate.
  • We design the remaining pages using the sketch you approved.
  • You review the remaining pages and note any changes.
  • We make requested changes until the site is built the way you want it.
  • You pay the final balance for the development of the site.
  • We place the web site on the Internet using your domain name and perform a complimentary promotion of the site submitting it to various search engines.
  • For the next 30 days we make any minor correction, modification or other changes at no charge.
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Please fill out the form below to start the process of getting your web site developed. After receiving your request, we’ll schedule a time you can discuss the project with our senior developer. He will help you (if you need it) determine the requirements for your site. Then we’ll write a detailed estimate describing how your site will be designed. Fill out as much information as you can. If you’re not sure, leave the field blank.

This form doesn’t obligate you in any way to use our services or cost you anything. The estimate and initial meeting are totally free.

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 ► Web Development Services

Web Site Design:

The main element of web development is web design. With an advanced knowledge and experience in web programming, development, and design, we hope to be a right choice to develop your website. Any website design needs to do four primary things -
  • It must represent your business quickly, clearly, and attractively
  • Information should be easily accessible
  • It should make it easy to purchase and / or contact you
  • It must attract and retain visitors

  • The presentation of your business in the most efficient manner takes a carefully planned graphic design and corporate or internet branding initiative. Anyone can publish a website. Not just anyone can create one that will attract visitors and keep them coming back. The innovative web design always is a result of professional training, experience, and inspiration.
  • Your information should be easily accessible. The navigation system should instantly tell someone where to find the relevant information they're looking for. Too many clicks and the next click could be to your competitor.
  • If you're offering products or services for sale, there needs to be an obvious way to purchase. If a customer has questions or needs help, your contact information must be quick and easy to find.
  • Attracting and retaining visitors is a function of marketing. Creating a website and expecting customers to come to your site is not realistic. Competition for position on search engines is fierce. There are many ways to market your website, and we'll work to find the best solution for you.

    Web Site Development:

    To extract a real benefit from the Internet, your web presence must be a part of your business activity.
    I offer a vast range of services for my clients, from complete website development to single graphics design, so each of you can take a major step forward in your business endeavor. My expertise in developing graceful turnkey web applications in various web programming languages means your website can be as powerful or as flexible as you can imagine. With experience in all major platforms of e-commerce systems and content management modules, I can develop your project from systems planning to maintenance using all advanced tools.

    We provide custom web designs according to your business' needs. We take pride in our web site designers' ability to be imaginative with your new site (or existing site!), while incorporating the needs and philosophies of your company.

    We create the invisible elements of your web site that make it more useful than just a nice looking web design. From storing names and sending out emails to processing orders, it is what ultimately makes the difference in whether or not your online business is successful.

    Domain / Hosting Registration:

    We can register a domain name and reliable web site hosting for you to meet your business and personal needs. You don't need to worry about it! It will be full featured and banner free web hosting with your own IP address and domain control panel. There are no hidden fees.

    Revision / Makeover:

    Web sites need regular updates as your products and services evolve. A web site that’s not up to date, gives the visitor the impression that the web site is abandoned.

     ► E-Commerce Development

    Need to sell your products online? Then you need a web developer which is able to properly setup your site for e-commerce.

    Install Shopping Cart Software

    We install a shopping cart software on Windows and Unix/Linux servers. If you have special software you want to be installed or you need assistance in selecting software, We can help you. If you have a special need for a shopping cart on your web site where other software is too complex or not complex enough, contact us and let us know what you’re looking for.

    From a simple web site with one product to big complex site, We’ll give you an estimate of the cost before any work is done and/or answer any question you may have.

    Setup PayPal or Authorize.net Online Credit Card Payments

    Need to accept Pay Pal and/or Authorize.net payments? We'll let you know how to get a merchant account and select the best solution for you to accept payments from your web site.
    If you need help setting up your web site to accept credit card payments or just have some questions, please contact us.

     ► Web Site Maintenance

    To be truly successful, a web site must be kept updated and looking fresh. That means that every company needs to update timely all the out-of-date text content and pictures. Web sites need regular updates as your products and services evolve. A web site that’s not current gives the visitor the impression the web site is abandoned. When you care about your web site maintenance, you avoid the common mistake of publishing a web site and then forgetting about it.

    You can contract with us to maintain your web site on a "Per Incident" basis or with the "Comprehensive maintenance plan". By the taking out of the responsibility for regular updates, you and your staff are free to focus on your own professional activities without the needs to learn code (HTML hassles!) or buy software, and you'll be guaranteed the same top quality production values we bring to every project.

    No job is too small or too big. We accept small jobs like changing a phone number or larger jobs like changing the color scheme on every page.

    Comprehensive Maintenance Plans

    Business owners don’t want to spend extra time (they don’t have) to monitor their web sites for problems. With the comprehensive maintenance plans, we actively monitor your web site for problems and proactively correct them without waiting to be asked.

    Per Incident Maintenance

    We also do web site maintenance on a "Per Incident" basis. Just have a small change, a one time update or you only need help with your site on an irregular basis? Then "Per Incident Maintenance" is for you.
    You don’t need to be an existing client to use "Per Incident Maintenance". Just contact us or fill out a maintenance request to get started. Click the link below for more details.

    Show Details of the the Comprehensive and Per Incident Maintenance Plans.

  • Sola Design Studio provides complete design and development service from concept to publication using industry-standard and state-of-the-art software, databases and graphics development tools.

    Web Site Development Prices

    As always, we make every effort to work within your company's budget to create the most value for your money.

    Beginner Site ($450-$750)

  • A Home page with intro and brief overview of products
  • Services/Products page with detailed information about products
  • Contact/About Us pages with information about business and e-mail form
  • Menu buttons for each page
  • Text menu at bottom of each page
  • Uses color schemes & graphics from our library

  • Advanced Site (Varies between $25-$110 per page)

  • User-friendly administration interface.
  • MySQL Databases (products, documentation, etc...)
  • Site content can be easily updated via administration page.
  • Color schemes & graphics from our library

  • Custom Interactive Site ($20-$45/hour)

  • Site owner can change ALL information (text, documents, images, etc.) using administrative control panel, without any expert assistance.
  • Fully dynamic e-commerce solution with an advanced shopping cart connected to the credit card processing gateway.
  • Powerful content management system allows to change text and images, manage products, create a special pricing for sales, save their entire database of customers, manage news, sales info, and more.

    Consulting Services

    I understand that your website is an extension of your business and marketing strategy. I also understand that often people are not exactly sure what they want from their website. Sometimes it's difficult to know where to begin when starting a new online venture, and sometimes it is even more difficult to enhance an existing one. When your company needs guidance from experienced professionals, I can help you. From e-commerce to branding and data maintenance, I have managed large and small scale projects all over the US, and even internationally. I hope my experience will be a benefit to your company.

    Where other web designers also sell software or polygraphic products, I focus 100% on web sites. If you've seen it on the Internet, or even if you haven't, I can do it. I have over 10 years experience as a programmer and know how to make your web site ideas happen.

    Need a web site that does more than just display information? I can build you a site with powerful content management system that allows you to enter information on web forms, then display it the way you want it.

    I have developed interactive web sites for a major companies and local small businesses. We can discuss your idea and develop fast loading, high-quality project.


    Web Development:
    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe ImageReady, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Access, Excel, Corel Draw, Corel PhotoPaint, Paint Shop Pro, GIF Animator...
    Programming Languages:
    PHP, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, XML, SQL, ASP, MySQL Server Administration.
    Operation Systems:
    MS DOS, Windows NT/95/98/2000/XP, Linux, OS/2.

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