Sola Design Studio is a small one-person web development company owned by Sola Falcon. Sola Design Studio provides complete website design and development service from concept to publication for personal use, business companies, non-profit organizations, art galleries, etc. including eCommerce solutions.

You are welcome to explore the existing websites and even the websites which are not online anymore.
Hair's How Collections is a part of Stanford Trident Inc., a Florida based company, a co-publisher of the famous European magazine Hair's How. As a result of successful collaboration between the European and US companies, they have an extensive experience in book publishing in the hair and beauty industry.

This design is fresh, clean, and professional. The site includes a fully dynamic e-commerce solution with an advanced shopping cart connected to the credit card processing gateway.
The administrative control panel allows to manage products and images, create a special pricing for sales, save their entire database of customers and prospective customers, manage news, sales info, and more.
Giclee Gallery provides quality all-in-one services to artists, galleries, and publishers. This online gallery features artists who release their limited edition museum quality giclee prints with a certificate of authenticity.

This site is powered by Administration Engine, which was installed on existing HTML site. Site owner sells artworks on-line using Pay-Pal shopping cart and checkout system. The most remarkable feature of the site is the advanced Member Area, which allows publishers and artists to create private accounts and manage their artworks, order prints, sell art online, and much more.
Alexander Gallery is a mini Judaic museum, boasting top-quality oil paintings on themes drawn from Jewish life. Here you'll find the most varied selection of unique creative artists spanning Jewish cultural diversity. Today The Alexander Gallery is an important center for Jewish art and is a popular venue for those whose passion is Judaic art.

This database of artworks is totally powered by owner through the user-friendly administrative control panel allowing to manage products, special prices, advertisement, news, sales info, and more.
Advanced set of website packages for Solo Artists and Galleries.
These website packages are database driven powerful dynamic systems. Artists don’t have to be a computer wiz to update their own content using an advanced administration panel. This is a professional multifunctional all-in-one tool for fine art publishing, sales & promotion campaign. Visual artists create their online portfolios getting great opportunities of sales & commission work.

Еасh package includes:
Customizable templates with slide show.
Customizable Header, Logo, Title, Slogan, Keywords, Description, Copyright.
Unlimited number of easy updatable pages.
Gallery and on-line shop with shopping cart.
Purchase options: Via order page / Via PayPal.
About page with photo gallery.
Contact page with feedback form.
Order page with customizable Terms&Conditions and order form.
In Focus, News, Events, OnSale, Articles, FAQ, Links Exchange pages.
Advanced search.
Newsletter - add/delete/suspend your subscribers and write letter to all by one click.
Powerful Admin Interface with Feedback & Order Archive.
More features available as addons.
This site has been developed on the request of the United Nations. The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, UNAIDS, is a major advocate for global action on this dangerous epidemic. The following are some of the UNAIDS cosponsors also participating in this project: UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP, ILO, and World Bank.
This site includes English and Russian versions.

This site contains massive databases of UN publications, managed and updated by the owner through the user-friendly administration interface.

UNAIDS site also includes state-of-the-art search tool with effective searching capability, providing high recall and precision search outputs
EuroForest is a leading manufacturer of plywood in Europe. This company is a part of the EuroOil Corporation. The "EuroForest" branch in Russia is one of the largest manufactures and retailers of birch plywood.

Includes English and Russian versions.
Publishing Art Gallery, located in New York, has in the past several years exhibited and introduced new artists of various styles, nationalities, and purposes. These talented creators have come from all over the world, revealing the influence culture and personal experiences impress upon the artist. The gallery's innovative approach to the art world is refreshing.
Personal site of Myshenkov Eugene V., Doctor of Sciences (Physics & Mathematics), Leading researcher, Central Institute of Aviation Motors, Russian Ministery of Industry, professor of the Applied Mathematics Department, Moscow State Forestry University.
Site of the home and office renovation company serving New York and New Jersey for many years. There is a company of modern tradesmen with a strong sense of tradition and style. Their growth is based on referrals from satisfied customers. They strive to build long-term relationships based on trust, confidence and quality workmanship.
They offer free estimates, competitive prices, excellent work and professional service that adds value to people's property. They specialize in Painting - Resurfacing - Carpentry - and Apartment Renovations.
Original Graphic Art & Web Design, in Montana within minutes of Glacier National Park.Western & Native American Art, Sculpting, Architectural Design. Creative, Sophisticated. Brochures, Print advertising, Web site design, Web programming, Graphics, Logo creation, cover design, Corporate Identity, Catalogs, Marketing materials, Trade Show Graphics, Print Management and much much more...
The History of a Great Nation. Known as one of the most powerful tribes in the American northwest, the Sioux consists of three independent nations: Lakota, Dakota and Nakota presently living mostly in South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana. This site is dedicated to an ancient and modern history of the great nation.

The unique features of this site include the animated header and background music. The different parts of the site can be accessed by means of a drop-down Java Script menu
D.M. Engineering formerly existed as Thorburn Colquhoun International, which operated in Russia from 1993 to March 2000. It is a Russian company, directed and owned by the West with western trained staff. The aim of the company is "to provide an economic solution to your project requirements in our particular fields of engineering".
The official site of the MBA League (Master of Business Administration League). The MBA League of Russia is a non-profit organization. This association was founded by the graduates of business schools of Russia under the auspices of the Russian Association of Business Education.

One of the advanced features this site contains is a “Members Area”, allowing every registered member to create a separate account. Using these accounts members can make corrections in their biographical profiles, post private messages for other members as well as have an access vast amounts of information "for members only"
This site was created for the Moscow InterBank Currency Exchange, the parent organization of the “Russian Mark”. The National Fund "Russian Mark" is a non-profit organization founded by The Russian Union of Manufacturers and Employers, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Association of Russian Banks, The Russian Exchange Union, and a number of other leaders in the business community of Russia.
The seal of the "Russian Mark" is an updated version of the prestigious "Quality Mark of the USSR."

The companies given a prestigious award of the “Russian Mark” have separate web pages on the site containing detailed information on the company.
The Site of EuroOil Corporation. The EuroOil consists of three companies: Foods EuroOil, Kuban-KCK, and EuroForest. EuroOil The Corporation processes and packages a wide variety of high quality dairy products and supplies ingredients for the food industry.

This site contains a vast database of products including specific detailed information. The owners of the site can update the pricing and product information through the administration pages. The site allows them to enter information on web forms, then display it the way they want it.
The website of Kuban Cheese Manufacterer. KCM is one of the major producers of cheeses and other dairy products in Russia. This factory is well known for its fine cheeses.

The contents of this site can be easily updated via administration page. The owner of this site can change the product descriptions without expert assistance.
"Super Floor" is a commercial company offering a wide variety of hardwood and decorative floor parquets for the wood flooring industry. Their products are presented as a collection including a big selection of exotic hardwood floor products.

The color scheme emphasizes the product, and simple graphics make visitors feel welcome. The e-commerce application of "Super Floors" allows users to browse through the catalog of products and place orders online. All of this, including a powerful content management system, makes this site very efficient for online trading.
"Everest" company is a wholesaler of refrigeration equipment for food processing factories, supermarkets and other kind of stores.
"Everest" is an official partner of the leading European companies, including TEKO, FRASCOLD, ECO, CENTAURO, RIVACOLD, DSI, CASTEL.

This site contains a powerful scalable engine to administer orders, edit text and graphics, and upload hundreds of price listings at a time. "Everest" has an impressive corporate design.
ОАО "Тарная фабрика" была основана в 1961 году с целью изготовления деревянной тары для Министерства торговли СССР.
В настоящее время предприятие занимается изготовлением деревянной и фанерной тары, изготовлением оконных рам, которые поставляются для предприятий Москвы и Московской области.
"Yanas Trade Group" is a chain of stores offering a variety of items for babies including furniture, toys, bicycles, bathing accessories, and travelling equipment.

This site has a large database containing thousands of items. Virtually all the aspects of the site are driven by a MySQL database, including the images, pricing information, and text.
Site of the plastic surgery clinic. This cosmetic surgery clinic specializes in facial plastic surgery, including face lift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, laser resurfacing, chemotherapy, and much more.

This site features over 100 technically advanced photos of liposuction, breast implants, face-lifts, eyelid and hair restoration, and includes descriptions of the respective processes. The photographs are displayed in a thumbnail format and can be easily enlarged for a more detailed examination.
The Afyla company is the largest supplier of almonds and hazelnuts in Russia. They import almonds from California, and hazelnuts from Turkey and Spain, further distributing them to food manufacturers in Moscow region.

All the elements of design were created without using Flash and base on Java Script technology only. By creating a custom product listing software solution, the site is completely manageable by it owner.
Designers and decorators of luxurious bathroom interiors. This company supplies elite bathroom accessories from world-leading manufacturers. The company specializes in the development of exclusive design projects for elite clubs, fine restaurants, suites in luxury hotels, and private residences.

The is a very advanced website. Participating designers can create their own web pages in a secure environment of the site. They can change general appearence and color scheme of their pages using various options available in the administrative interface.
Clinic of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. Specialists of cosmetic surgery in the 9th city hospital of St Petersburg who master the most modern methods of operations in the area of expertise in plastic and aesthetic surgery. European quality and reasonable prices.
Site of Advertising Agency APS-Advertisement. Their expertise lies in TV-industry, advertising clips, outside posters, design-models, corporate identity, logotype elaboration, business-cards, booklets, and other types of advertising.
Site of Tourist Agency "Karina Agency". Providers of individual, group and business-tours all over the world.
Radio World. Portal for radio fans. Help materials will assist at work both with domestic, and with foreign radio-electronic components. Principles and features of marks of radio-electronic elements are stated, the extensive information on interchangeability of semi-conductor devices is submitted, the tables are resulted, allowing to define type of the device on his color or code marks and many other things...
(under construction)
The Site of EuroOil Corporation. EuroOil The Corporation processes and packages a wide variety of high quality dairy products and supplies ingredients for the food industry.

This site contains a vast database of products including specific detailed information. The owners of the site can update the pricing and product information through the administration pages. The site allows them to enter information on web forms, then display it the way they want it.
Old version
First site of Holding Corporation EuroOil.
Old version
Second site of Holding Corporation FOODS EuroOil.
Old version
Site of Laboratory of Net Technologies MEPHI. Presentative site of exclusive elaboration of scientists of Laboratory "System of audit of Calculations nets".
COMPLETE RESOURCE for all web builders!
This award-winning site is really big, it's site of specific interest to web builders. It's the best place to find free clipart, animations, backgrounds, fonts and buttons, as well as huge amounts of information about Java, web templates, creating your site, and much more, which were collected for a long period of time from free resources of Internet.
(under construction)
Pseudo Art. "Art around Art". Game and fantasy stories, wisdom, aphorisms, humor, and game-based wallpappers. All content of the site is based on computer games and on hardcore game named "Life", which are close by sense.
The mirror of web-portal. COMPLETE RESOURCE for all web builders!
This award-winning site is really big, it's site of specific interest to web builders. It's the best place to find free clipart, animations, backgrounds, fonts and buttons, as well as huge amounts of information about Java, web templates, creating your site, and much more, which were collected for a long period of time from free resources of Internet.
(under construction)
Welcome to my personal site. Specializing in high quality graphic design, SOLA Design Studio is small and mighty.
SD Studio creates fast loading, high-quality, eye-catching graphics. If you are looking for a professional web designer to enhance your business just visit my portfolio and find what you are looking for.
Small presentation site. SOLA Design Studio is a web design company, serving the digital and technical design needs of its clients. Creating clear and concise design that communicates each client's message is the goal of each project we undertake. Our first step with any client is to meet and understand their needs as well as the needs of their audience. We look forward to the opportunity of meeting and assisting you with your web design projects.
(Old version)
Just a little page for fun about a school humor. Russian version only.
Russian version of my site. A vast collection of skins for different applications. Graphic User Interface Design. Alternative desktop interfaces- HoverDesk, DesktopX, WinStep, NextStart, skins for ICQ, Winamp and others. Second section of the site: graphic library for web-designers. Web-Templates, interfaces, textures, smilies, buttons, menu, clipart and much more.
Just a photoalbum and poetry book.

Web Site Design:
The main element of web development is web design. With advanced knowledge and experience in web programming, development, and design, SD Studio is the right choice to develop your website.

A website design needs to do four primary things:
  • It must represent your business quickly, clearly, and attractively
  • Information should be easily accessible
  • It should make it easy to purchase and / or contact you
  • It must attract and retain visitors

  • The presentation of your business in the most efficient manner takes a carefully planned graphic design and corporate or internet branding initiative. The innovative and intuitive web design is the result of professional training, experience, and talent. Anyone can publish a website. Not just anyone can create one that will attract visitors and keep them coming back.

    Your information should be easily accessible. The navigation system should instantly tell someone where to find the relevant information they're looking for. Too many clicks and the next click could be to your competitor.

    If you're offering products or services for sale, there needs to be an obvious way to purchase. If a customer has questions or needs help, your contact information must be quick and easy to find.

    Attracting and retaining visitors is a function of marketing. Creating a website and expecting customers to come to your site is not realistic. Competition for position on search engines is fierce. There are many ways to market your website, and we'll work to find the best solution for you.

    If you are looking for a professional web developer to enhance your business just request a FREE web design quote!.


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