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If you are facing the challenge of corporate change, Sola Design Studio is the right choice to develop your corporate identity. If you need a corporate or internet branding initiative, it is much more than just a logo design or a web design. The branding is the cornerstone of your marketing efforts, and it is very important to creating the right public perception for your company. It is your entire public image. Perception drives reality, and it is important for the public perception of your company or corporation to closely match your marketing and design initiatives.

By bringing together strategists, creatives, designers and project managers in a unique corporate branding partnership we can help your company by:
  • Helping define what you stand for
  • Creating inspiring names, identities, slogans, and tag lines
  • Making the brand real through visual style and brand participation programs
  • Managing your identity with interactive guidelines
  • Having skilled marketing-minded graphic designers design your logo
  • Providing logos in virtually all necessary formats and resolutions
Because the evidence shows that great public relations is what establishes brand, while advertising helps to maintain brand awareness and preserve market share.

We have extensive experience helping companies create and maintain a brand. Using both traditional and interactive public relations strategies, we work with our clients to help them create their message, their identity, - their existence. And then we help them get recognized.

Typically, we start with a detailed review of what your company wants to project to the public - unless your company already has an established brand. In that case, we suggest getting customer feedback about the current reality of your brand and use that as a starting point.

Our process is a continuous one that plays in harmony with your marketing and advertising activities, to help reinforce the overall success of your company. Sometimes it's writing articles. Sometimes it's attending events on your behalf. Sometimes, it's sending really nice gifts to those who can make a difference in your coverage.
Whatever it takes, we’ll help you create a brand strategy from start through implementation.

Complete Web Site Development
Sola Design Studio provides complete design and development service from concept to publication using industry-standard and state-of-the-art software, databases and graphics development tools.

As web developers, our expertise in developing graceful turnkey web applications in various web programming languages means your website can be as powerful or as flexible as you can imagine. Our programming team brings experience in virtually all major platforms and environments to your e-commerce system, your content management module, your online community, etc. In short, Sola Design Studio is the best choice among web developers for your web development needs.

As always, we make every effort to work within your company's budget to create the most value for your money.

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